I am very proud to announce my partnership with Divvy. 


About Divvy? 


You can start building your future today with Divvy - an innovative option that helps renters transition to homeownership. Divvy offers an easy and simplified way to go from leasing to owning a home.


Brad has partnered with Divvy to help get you in the home of your dreams faster. With the help of Divvy, you can turn your monthly rent into a down payment and become a homeowner for as little as 1-2% down.


How does Divvy work?


1.Complete an application through Divvy. 

It takes about 5 minutes to pre-qualify and won’t impact your credit score. 


2. Get approved for a budget. 

This usually takes 24 hours, and once you’re approved, you’ll receive a budget to go shopping for your home. 


3. Choosing your home. 

You partner with me to find your dream home. You can choose from any home on the market that qualifies. 


4. Divvy pays for the home. 

Divvy will pay cash for the home and will cover all fees, including closing costs, taxes, and insurance. All Divvy requires is 1-2% of the purchase price for the down payment.


5. Move in and save. 

Move into your Divvy home and start saving to gradually build up ownership of the home. Most customers are able to become mortgage-eligible in less than three years. 


6. Buy the home or walk away with savings. 

At any point, you can choose to either buy back the home with the money you saved or move 

out and cash out your savings. 


Who’s a good candidate for Divvy?


Potential homebuyers who can’t secure a mortgage in the current market. This may be due to a low credit score due to credit issues, or consumers who lack a larger down payment than a mortgage may require. 


How to qualify for Divvy? 

  • A FICO score of at least 550: applicants need to pass a soft credit check. Divvy will review your FICO score, recent loan delinquencies, and any foreclosures and any bankruptcies.
  • 6 months of verifiable income of $2,500. Divvy will look for 6 months of steady income. Self-employed income may take longer to verify. You can add a co-applicant during the application process. 
  • Bank statement showing $2,000 as proof of funds. Before you move into your Divvy home, you’ll put down a small down payment (usually about 2% of the home’s value). All that money will go towards your future down payment once you’re ready to qualify for a mortgage and buy back your home. Credit scores must be over 550 and higher.
  • Background check. Divvy will run a background check to determine your rental history and criminal background. For criminal background checks, Divvy will evaluate the recency and severity of any convictions.
  • A government-issued photo ID
  • Down Payment of 1-2% is required before closing.
  • Must be currently employed.


Apply Here For A Divvy Budget



Which homes are eligible for Divvy?

  • Single-family homes, townhomes, and select condos.
  • The purchase price must be between $60,000 to $350,000.
  • Cannot be a bank-owned property, foreclosure, short sale, or manufactured homes. 
  • Properties must be in good condition and pass an inspection. HVAC must be newer than 15 years old. 


My Take.


There is a slate of reasons why homeownership lies beyond the reach of many people, it’s my mission as your real estate professional to make sure you’re aware of different products that will help achieve your dream of homeownership. While I believe you should always try to get qualified for a traditional mortgage first, qualifying for a loan and saving for a larger downpayment is just out of reach for some, and that’s why I think Divvy may be a great option. There is a lot to this program and it does have its restrictions. Not all who apply will qualify.

I would love the opportunity to discuss this program with you and see if you’re a good fit. 


You can find more information on Divvy here.