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Brad Daniels helped me buy a home in Mesa in 2006, at the peak of the market frenzy. As a first time home buyer, I didn’t know much about the process and Brad coached me through the entire process. He asked a lot of questions to determine what I wanted, and then didn’t waste my time showing me places that didn’t fit what I hoped to find. Less important, but still worth mentioning, he picked music I thought I would like every time we went out to look at houses. I’ve lived in Mesa since 1994, but realized how little I knew about the area once I began to house shop with Brad — as an Arizona native he knows more about (and cares more about!) this market than someone who doesn’t have long-standing ties to the community.

Six years later I still love my home and would recommend Brand Daniels to anyone who wants the process of finding and buying a home to include a realtor who listens to his clients, always does his homework, and truly cares about his customer’s experience.

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Brad Daniels took the time to ensure that this first-time home buyer had every question answered, every detail taken care of, and no stress during the entirety of the process. I couldn’t have wished for a more impressive, attentive agent to help get me into the home I’ll be enjoying for the rest of my life.

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I’ve used Brad for various real estate tasks in the past and have had nothing but a smooth, stressless and great experience using him. Unfortunately, due to separate issues on my part, I was unable to complete my processes in the past, Brad has continued to work diligently to help me get to the point where I can complete the process. I will use him anytime I have a real estate need and would recommend him to anyone in the future for their real estate needs. He’s an east valley native and his knowledge of the area is unmatchable.

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As a first time buyer I had no idea where to start when it came to the home buying process. Brad walked me step by step through the shopping and purchase process. He handled everything from compiling lists of homes on the market for me to consider to providing expert advice about what characteristics of a home generally add value down the road and what pitfalls to avoid. Most importantly to me Brad made me feel completely comfortable with the entire process. From beginning to end I knew that Brad always had my best interests in mind. In today’s real estate market it’s great to know I’ve found someone I can trust for all my real estate needs.

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I have worked with Real Estate Professionals for the past 20 years having them help my clients find property to place new homes on. Most of them take the easy way out and try to turn my clients into theirs and sell them one of their listing. So I have been just somewhat happy in the realtors I have found to assist me. Then I met Brad. Mr Daniels is so for above and beyond the normal Realtor that I’ve worked with. We have spent many hours together and I’ve got to know him on a personal basis. Brad is not the just the first person I call, He is the only person that I call when it comes to a Real Estate question. He is not just a hard working person, with integrity and knowledge. He is a family man that has all of his values in the right place. I think I can sum it up as saying ” The hardest thing about doing right, is doing it right from the start” That’s Brad. If you spend just a little bit of time with him. You will agree that he is the kind of professional that your looking for. He means what he says and says what he means. He is also my personal realtor, that has turned into a lasting friendship. God bless you Brad.

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My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased about having Brad for an agent. He is understanding, not pushy, knows phoenix real estate like no one else, and is an overall amazing person. He is more than our realtor, he has become our friend. He sold our Arizona home in 2 weeks when the market was at its worst, before we moved out of state and will be grateful to use his services when we move back to Arizona and purchase another home. Thank You Brad! Can’t wait to see what kind of amazing homes you will show us in the future!

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We were interested in buying our first house and didnt really know where to start and we contacted Brad Daniels. He was very patient with us and explained the whole process. Whenever either of us had a question or concern Brad was there for us no matter the time of day. He worked around our long hectic work hours and met us late in the evening to go over offers and walked us step by step through the process. Brad Daniels is very honest, patient, friendly and comfortable person to work with. We are very happy first home buyers and we have Brad Daniels to thank for that. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

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Brad was very patient and thorough in finding exactly what I wanted. He was flexibl in accomodating my schedule to see properties. Once offers were made, Brad kept me up to speed about what was going on, and responded promptly to any calls and questions.

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Brad is a professional, he had bids coming before our house was even listed. he also worked hard getting comp”s for all the homes in the area and setting our asking price. that was well within mid range of homes in the area and agreeable with us. With all that being said it we sold and closed our deal in less than two weeks. If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell a home I highly recommend Mr. Brad Daniels. with 1st USA Realty.

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Brad Daniels was very helpful in the search for our home. He is very professional and knowledgable is when viewing homes. I have recommended him to other and will continue to do so in the future.

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After a prior failed attempt to purchase a home through another agent, Brad came to the rescue with understanding and knowledge. Provided timely action and advice and got us the home we were looking for.

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Brad sold our Mesa home last summer. He was very thorough and always one step ahead of the bank, whatever they asked for he already had and would send it right over. It made the whole process move quickly and easily. He was great to work with and is highly recommended.

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I’ve worked with Brad Daniels throughout the years as an investor purchasing and selling several homes a year. I found Brad to be honest and extremely accurate in the yield I needed to make for a deal to make sense. Brad has a strong support team, excellent referral source from contractors to title professionals. I would highly recommend Brad Daniels.

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Brad is an experienced professional whose knowledge, helpfulness, and patience are second to none! He immediately zeroed in on our criteria, made it a point to know our wants/needs, and helped find the perfect home for us. He offered suggestions to broaden or narrow the selection, and we were able to find our dream home. Brad’s availability was excellent and that made me feel like I was his only client. He is relaxed, friendly and extremely accommodating! I highly recommend him to all my friends and family.

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I bought a house back in 2010 and had a very pleasant experience with Brad. He made the whole process of buying my first home more understandable and not so intimidating. I would reccommend Brad Daniels to any and all of my friends and family.

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Brad Daniels helped me sell my home in Arizona in 2010. The real estate market was at a all time low and my wife and I were worried that we would never sell our home, not to mention getting the desired price we wanted. My son referred Brad, and after interviewing other agents, we felt Brad was honest, friendly and very motivated. Brad had great marketing plan followed by a simple goal; To Sell Our House For As Much As Possible, In The Least Amount Of Time. Brad sold our home three weeks later for over the list amount. Since that time, I have referred Brad to family and friends.

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Brad Daniels helped me through my first home purchase. He was always available and returned my phone calls promptly. Purchasing a home has tons of ups and downs but i was happy I had Brad to walk me through them. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to my friends and family.

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Brad was detailed, assertive, patient, and knowledgeable. He provided that one on one realtor/client courtesy that one would expect from their agent. I would definitely refer Brad to anyone for their real estate needs.

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Being first time home buying can be very difficult. Not only for the buyers but also the real estate agent. Brad Daniels was SO patient with us. We knew what we were looking for but the market was tough. He kept a keen eye open for us and let us know every time a new home came on the market so we could look at it that day. We bid on a few homes, but no luck. Brad walked us through the process of looking at homes for about 9 months before we settled on building new to get exactly what we wanted, without the bidding fight. With his knowledge and patience I would recommend him for sure. He has enough experience to know the builders, the area’s, the pricing, and the quality of home you are looking for.

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Brad Daniels and his team are simply great to work with. He pre-marketed my home with Zillow and many other websites prior to listing it. He puts his money where his mouth is and markets heavily. That created a buzz, and once my home was listed on the MLS, we had multiple offers that were at or higher then list price. Not only is Brad honest, straight forward, but is a true professional and fun to work with. My wife and I will always refer The BRAD DANIELS Team to our family and friends.

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Buying a house was actually a positive experience with Brad. We pointed out things I hadn’t thought of, he was always on time, he was patient with us and our children, I will use him again and I tell everybody about him.

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Brad was instrumental in the successful closure of a very difficult short sale that took almost a year! Brad maintained a very positive attitude and was a pleasure to work with. Brad Daniels will be involved in any of my future Real Estate transactions.

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My husband and I hired Brad Daniels two and half years ago to find our dream house. He was very knowledgeable about the areas and buying and selling procedures. We had some difficulties on the sellers side for a short sale we interested in, but Brad handled the problems very proffesionally.

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Brad Daniels was great to work with. His attention to detail, patience, and knowledge of the valley was beneficial in selling our property. He took the time to pre-market the property to ensure that the property is well advertised and would get the best offer. He was straight forward and professional in his presentation and service delivery. I would refer Brad to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate

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We purchased a home in San Tan Valley in 2008 when the market was low, but by 2012 the house no longer fit our needs. We were terrified to put our house on the market for fear that we would be like so many others and lose money on the house. A friend recommended Brad Daniels, and he assured us that he could sell our house and at least break even on it. Within a few months, multiple offers, our house sold for a profit!!

Within two months of selling our home, Brad found us the perfect sized home in the perfect location. He took us to all the homes I requested to see, but he would always point out the things that would not be ideal for our growing family, like sq footage, or good schools. He really had the expertise to know what we would need in the future so that we wouldn’t end up in the same situation as our last home.

We have lived in this house for 6 months and it is perfect. We really appreciate Brad and his team for helping to improve our quality of life!

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Brad Daniels helped me purchase my first home and I couldn’t be happier. Brad was honest, walked me through the entire process from previewing homes down to the dollar amount I needed to close. I was specific on what I wanted and Brad and his team found me a perfect home. I would strongly recommend Brad to any of my family and friends.

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Choosing Brad Daniels and his team as our realtor to help us buy our daughter her first home was one of the first and best decisions my husband and I made together. Brad is very professional, easy (and fun!) to work with and he really understands the market, especially in Gilbert, Arizona.

One of my favorite things I loved about working with Brad is that he made buying a house a learning experience. He took the time to explain everything to us. When we made our first offer on a house, Brad sat down with us and explained every single document we signed so it was clear to us what we were signing. Brad is very thorough, we never felt rushed and she made sure ALL our questions were answered.

We never felt pressured into buying a home which is something I half expected a realtor to do. In fact, Brad would recommend against putting in offers and hold out for something better which we did and now we are in our new home and couldn’t be happier!

I always felt like he gave us honest advice and that we could trust him. Brad is someone who I would definitely use again, when the time comes.

If anyone is considering using Brad as their realtor and would like a personal reference, please do not hesitate to contact me!

5 skelly48

Brad took use to a lot of home to look at. He wanted us to have the house we both liked. He found the perfect house for us at a good price. He also sold are old house in four day after the listing. WOW!

Brad is a very good guy and will help you with anything that come up in the buying and selling of your home.

Bob and Sue Kelly

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Brad is awesome and very knowledgeable. He made sure we knew what was going on every step of the way. He made our first time buying a home enjoyable and I would recommend him to everyone!

5 Sukanya V

Brad helped us buy our new home. We had lived in the area for a while, done our internet homework and knew the type of home we wanted, the budget, etc. Yet there was so much we needed Brad for. Brad was patient through long conversations about what I wanted, and was able to zero in almost immediately on the aspects I’d like. He’d know as soon as we walked into a house that it was not my style, and confirm it from the look on my face after I toured it. I appreciated his honest and brisk summation of things as they stood. We were glad to not get the long-drawn real estate talk. He is also handy and knows the nuts and bolts of equipment and processes, which we thoroughly appreciated.

Perhaps, his biggest service came after we signed up for the home. We were out of town for most of the closing period and we trusted him to handle all that needed to be done. He helped us get the house cleaned up and was available for my every phone call about anything remotely related to the house.

He also was VERY helpful with my million questions and rants about renting out our previous home, even though he was not our property manager, and that sort of attitude truly lifts a person into the “friends” category from “business associate.”

5 randy mcclure

Brad was not only very knowledgeable, tech savvy, but also very responsive to my interests, schedule and expectations. I would definitely work with Brad again on future opportunities.

5 laurawilsonpony

I’ve used Brad for various real estate tasks in the past and have had nothing but a smooth, stressless and great experience using him. We sold our home in a challenging market and got much more then my husband and I expected. Brad has continued to work diligently to help me get to the point where I can complete the process of investing in additional homes and have purchase one with additional home in the future. I will use him anytime I have a real estate need and would recommend him to anyone in the future for their real estate needs. He’s an east valley native and his knowledge of the area is unmatchable.

5 bderby1125

As a new transplant to Arizona, Brad helped us understand the areas we were considering. He made sure all appoints were honored and many times worked on our incredibly tight time schedule. I can’t say enough about how nice of a job he did and would definitely recommend him.

4 colin m breslin

We started working with Brad when he was backing up our long-term realtor. We were selling a home that we had been renting for 2 years after having moved across the country for work. The home was a disaster, the property management company flaked out as soon as they weren’t taking a cut of the rent, but we were lucky that Brad and our other realtor really stepped up to coordinate all the necessary repairs. When the property was finally market ready Brad kept us up to date on showings and finally got us through negotiations, escrow, and closing, which was most importantly on time, even after a few last minute stunts by the buyer! Thanks Brad!

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